Disable XFP laser in JUNOS

Unfortunately JUNOS doesn’t provide a built-in command to disable laser on XFP ports.  If you have to shutdown the laser anyway, you can do this in the “pfe shell” with the command test xfp <index> laser off:
adm@MX80> start shell pfe network tfeb0

TFEB platform (1000Mhz MPC 8544 processor, 1024MB memory, 512KB flash)

TAZ-TBB-0(MX80 vty)# test xfp

Configuring VRRP on a Juniper SSG

A few weeks ago, i was confronted with a Juniper Secure Services Gateway (aka SSG) for the first time. After playing a little bit with the box, i quickly learned to like her.
Okay, it took a time to get used to the CLI with its behaviour and the Virtual-System/-Router stuff, but the WebUI is very [...]

JunOS - Recover BGP password

When you need to recover missing BGP MD5 password on Juniper routers, you have the possibility to extract it from a specific file.
First, you have to start a shell:

alex@M10> start shell
% su -

After changing to the root user, you have the necessary permissions to view the file /var/etc/keyadmin.conf

root@M10% cd /var/etc/
root@M10% more keyadmin.conf
tcp 179 <IP [...]

Added new Page - IOS and JunOS commands

Just now, i added a new sticky page to my blog.
It’s a small comparison between Cisco IOS and Juniper JunOS CLI commands.
See here…

MTU difference between Cisco and Juniper

(Information taken from j-nsp mailing list and vendors homepages)
MTU Juniper
NOTE: The actual frames transmitted also contain cyclic redundancy check (CRC) bits, which are not part of the media MTU. For example, the media MTU for a Gigabit Ethernet interface is specified as 1500 bytes, but the largest possible frame size is actually 1504 bytes; you [...]

JunOS route selection

(taken from Juniper website)
How the Active Route Is Determined
For each prefix in the routing table, the routing protocol process selects a single best path, called the active route. The algorithm for determining the active route is as follows:

Choose the path with the lowest preference value (routing protocol process preference). Routes that are not eligible to [...]

The JunOS archival feature

Since JunOS 7.4, there is an feature which enables your Juniper router to backup its current configuration to an remote server by SSH or FTP.
Cisco offers such a functionality too, but their engineers took a little bit longer
Its quite easy to configure…
Note: example is using “net_admin” with password “c”

# Juniper set statements:
set system archival [...]

JunOS routing table(s)

JunOS has a bulk of different tables for building the global routing table.
I was searching several times for informations what table holds which routes, because i can’t keep it in mind.
Therefore i decided to write it down in my blog…
Here comes the summary (taken from Juniper website)


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) reachability information for ISO virtual [...]