Using EIGRP with IPSEC encrypted GRE tunnels

In one of my last posts, GRE tunneling with IPSec encryption, i explained the setup of a simple ipsec-protected GRE connection.
When your network is a little bit larger than my test scenario, you would prefer to use an dynamic routing protocol between your routers (hilde and maria in my case).
Nothing easier than that….
Here’s an example using [...]

GRE tunneling with IPSec encryption

Some times ago, a frequently mentioned feature in networking blogs was “GRE tunneling with IPSec encryption”. I tried it out and found it awesome.  (in the meanwhile, we use it in production) . When i need encrypted communication between to endpoints, i would prefer IPSec-encrypted GRE rather than Site-to-Site IPSec-VPN because:

its easier to configure (no longer [...]

Simple Multilink PPP setup

Here is a receipt to create a multilink with serial (T1/E1) interfaces. I think the configuration snippet could be adapted to T3/E3 interfaces too, but i didn’t test it…
I kept the setup very simple, but perhaps i will add some notes about features or troubleshooting later.

Serial interface configuration

interface Serial1/0:0
 description Link to jenny s1/0
 no ip address
 encapsulation ppp
 ppp multilink
 ppp [...]