Added new Page - IOS and JunOS commands

Just now, i added a new sticky page to my blog.
It’s a small comparison between Cisco IOS and Juniper JunOS CLI commands.
See here…

MTU difference between Cisco and Juniper

(Information taken from j-nsp mailing list and vendors homepages)
MTU Juniper
NOTE: The actual frames transmitted also contain cyclic redundancy check (CRC) bits, which are not part of the media MTU. For example, the media MTU for a Gigabit Ethernet interface is specified as 1500 bytes, but the largest possible frame size is actually 1504 bytes; you [...]

Route filtering methods in EIGRP

When you use EIGRP as routing protocol, you have two options for filtering advertised routes:

redistribute-statement with route-map

Received networks can only be filtered out with


In my simple example, there are 2 routers (R1 and R2) connected via FastEthernet0/1.
Both routers are running EIGRP process 123.

Creating EIGRP process 123 on both routers
With the default configuration, only the link-net [...]

Changing default IGMP version in Windows XP

Not so long ago, i hat to deal with IGMP, IP Multicast and Video on demand.
For test purposes it was necessary to change Windows XP’s default behaviour regarding the IGMP version used (WinXP uses IGMPv3 by default, i needed IGMPv2).
Perform the following registry change…

Add the DWORD IGMPVersion with a hex-Value of 3 (for IGMPv2) or [...]