Configuring Resilient Ethernet Protocol

Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) is a Cisco propietary protocol which allows you to build redundant Ethernet rings. It’s an alternative to Spanning-Tree protocol and also avoids bridging loops or responds to link failures.
Compared to STP, it offers a faster convergence time (< 300ms) and gives you a simple VLAN load-balancing method.
In our example, we interconnect [...]

Well-known multicast addresses

A lot of dynamic routing protocols uses ip multicast for neighbor discovery, hellos and other things.
Here are some well known multicast adresses: all hosts on a subnet all routers on a subnet Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocols (DVMRP) OSPF routers OSPF designated routers RIP Version 2 routers EIGRP routers Protocol independent Multicast (PIM) routers