Configuring VRRP on a Juniper SSG

A few weeks ago, i was confronted with a Juniper Secure Services Gateway (aka SSG) for the first time. After playing a little bit with the box, i quickly learned to like her.
Okay, it took a time to get used to the CLI with its behaviour and the Virtual-System/-Router stuff, but the WebUI is very [...]

Using two HWIC-4ESW in a Cisco 1841

Recently, there was a need for additional FastEthernet ports on a Cisco 1841. The router had already one  HWIC-4ESW attached, but all ports were occupied.
Fortunately, there was a second HWIC-4ESW at stock which was inserted immediately. Two additional ports was configured quickly to a vlan already in use on the other HWIC.
But then the problem [...]