Route descriptions in Cisco IOS

Recently, i came accross the name keyword in the ip route command in Cisco IOS.
The CLI help is quite misleading:

router(config)# ip route ?
  <1-255>    Distance metric for this route
  name       Specify name of the next hop
  permanent  permanent route
  tag        Set tag for this route
  track      Install route depending on tracked item

Configure ASA for ASDM access

Cisco has a nice GUI, called Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM), for configuring and monitoring ASA devices.
But first of all you have to do some configuration to prepare your ASA for ASDM access.

! authenticate ASDM access against local database
aaa authentication http console LOCAL
username adm password ccc

! enable http server and allow management access
http server enable
http [...]

PPPoE Dial-In with ASA5505

If you like to connect your external interface to the internet by using PPPoE, you have to configure a VPDN group first. In this simple example, our group is called PPPOE and we use PAP method for authentication. Unlike IOS, ASA OS accepts only one autentication protocol. Hence you have to know, if your provider [...]