Changing default IGMP version in Windows XP

Not so long ago, i hat to deal with IGMP, IP Multicast and Video on demand.
For test purposes it was necessary to change Windows XP’s default behaviour regarding the IGMP version used (WinXP uses IGMPv3 by default, i needed IGMPv2).

Perform the following registry change…

Add the DWORD IGMPVersion with a hex-Value of 3 (for IGMPv2) or 4 (IGMPv3)

… and reboot your PC.

The next table shows the supported values/versions (taken from Microsoft Knowledgebase).

Value IGMP-Version
2 1
3 2
4 3 (default)

There are a lot of tools available for joining multicast groups.
For my tests, i used WListen / WSend and VLC.

2 comments to Changing default IGMP version in Windows XP

  • John

    This is probably pretty old, but Ican’t tell since like most blogs you don’t publish the damn date next to your posts.. but anyway, that info is NOT right… value 3 is used for IGMP version 2, and value 4 is for IGMP version 3…

  • admin

    Thanks for the hint. I updated my post….

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