Interface range macro

I often use the feature interface-range on Cisco switches running IOS.
Not so long ago, i discovered the command interface-range macro, from which i never heard before.

With this macro, you can visit group several interfaces together and address them by a significant name.

Short example:

define interface-range UPLINKS FastEthernet0/1, FastEthernet0/24
define interface-range USERPORTS FastEthernet0/2 - 23


switch#conf t
switch(config)#interface range macro USERPORTS
switch(config-if-range)#switchport access vlan 111
switch(config-if-range)#no shutdown
switch(config-if-range)#description User-Ports

This command was introduced in 12.0(7)XE and extended to the T train in 12.1(5)T

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