Configure ASA for ASDM access

Cisco has a nice GUI, called Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM), for configuring and monitoring ASA devices.
But first of all you have to do some configuration to prepare your ASA for ASDM access.

! authenticate ASDM access against local database
aaa authentication http console LOCAL
username adm password ccc

! enable http server and allow management access
http server enable
http </24-subnet> inside
http <host> inside

! if you have more than one ASDM file in flash, you can specify which to use
asdm image disk0:/asdm-634.bin

After that you can open your browser and enter the URL https://<ASA ip>.

Access ASDM

You can choose, of you like to install the launcher to your PC, run it directly or start an Installation wizard.
I decided to run it directly from the router and executed the .jnlp-file.

Execute .jnlp

Accept the unsigned certificate from the router and enter you login data. If you used the template above, you have to enter user adm with password ccc.

Accept certificate

ASDM Login

If your login data is correct. ASDM opens his start page…

ASDM start page

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