Disable XFP laser in JUNOS

Unfortunately JUNOS doesn’t provide a built-in command to disable laser on XFP ports.  If you have to shutdown the laser anyway, you can do this in the “pfe shell” with the command test xfp <index> laser off:

adm@MX80> start shell pfe network tfeb0

TFEB platform (1000Mhz MPC 8544 processor, 1024MB memory, 512KB flash)

TAZ-TBB-0(MX80 vty)# test xfp
    <number>              xfp index
    periodic              xfp periodic

TAZ-TBB-0(MX80 vty)# show xfp list
XFP Toolkit summary:
  wakeup count: 1765963, debug: 0
  thread: 0x42131248, itable: 0x4212ff40

Index  Name
-----  ----
    1  xfp-0/0/0
    2  xfp-0/0/1
    3  xfp-0/0/2
    4  xfp-0/0/3

TAZ-TBB-0(MX80 vty)# test xfp 1
    alarm                 test xfp <xfp_num=0> alarm <test_mask>
    data-rate             set xfp data rate
    laser                 set xfp laser
    loopback              xfp loopback
    periodic              xfp periodic
    power                 set XFP power
    presence              check presence of xfp
    read                  xfp read register
    stats-clear           clear xfp stats
    wavelength            set xfp wavelength
    write                 xfp write register

TAZ-TBB-0(MX80 vty)# test xfp 1 laser off

TAZ-TBB-0(MX80 vty)#

There seems to be a lot of interesting commands in “pfe shell”, but i wouldn’t recommend to use all of them on a production router.

AZ-TBB-0(MX80 vty)#
    blob                  Blob toolkit
    bringup               Bringup commands
    clear                 clear support
    connect               connect to a remote TNP endpoint
    debug                 enable a debugging option
    diagnostic            diagnostic commands
    gr253                 gr253 commands
    ideeprom              ID eeprom management primitives
    issu                  In Software Service Upgrade application in the PFE
    jsim                  Invoke jsim
    macro                 macro processing
    peek-pci              Read and display a PCI register
    peekbyte              display memory in bytes
    peeklong              display memory in 32bit longs
    peekword              display memory in 16bit words
    ping                  Ping a TNP neighbor
    poke-pci              Write a PCI register
    profile               executable profiling commands
    quit                  quit TTY environment
    reboot                reboot hardware
    scan                  Scan commands
    set                   set commands
    show                  show commands
    sleep                 pause for a few seconds
    test                  system bring-up commands
    tftp                  TFTP to or from a TNP neighbor
    undebug               disable a debugging option
    upgrade               upgrade device content
    vty                   open a vty to a remote TNP endpoint
    write                 Write commands

TAZ-TBB-0(MX80 vty)#

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