IOS and JunOS commands

Here’s a small “translation” table for IOS and JunOS commands with a comment about their scope.

IOS JunOS Purpose
clear counters clear interface statistics Clears the interface counters
clear arp-cache clear arp Clears the ARP cache
clear ip bgp clear bgp neighbor Clears all BGP sessions
clear ip bgp neighbor clear bgp neighbor peer Clears BGP session to a specifis neighbor
clock set set date Set the actual time
ping dest ping dest rapid (for cisco like output) Simple Ping
ping (setting source int) ping dest bypass-routing Ping with specific source interface
reload request system reboot Reboot the system
send request message Send a message to other users
show arp show arp Shows ARP cache
show clns interface show isis interface Shows IS-IS information from participating interfaces
show clns neighbors show isis adjacency Shows ES-IS and IS-IS neighbors
show clock show system uptime Display current date
show controller interface show interfaces interface extensive Displays physical port informations
show diags show chassis hardware Displays hardware diagnostics and status
show environment all show chassis environment Infos about Voltage, Power consumption, Temperature,…
show history show cli history Shows recent entered commands
show interface interface show interfaces interface detail Shows interface configuration, counters and status
show interface description (newer IOS) show interfaces description Shows description, status and interface name
show ip bgp neighbor peer advertised-routes show route advertising-protocol bgp peer Shows whether a neighbor supports the route refresh capabilty
show ip bgp neighbors neigh received-routes show route receive-protocol bgp peer Shows whether a neighbor supports the route refresh capability
show ip bgp peer-group show bgp group Displays BGP informations about all peer-groups
show ip bgp peer-group group show bgp group group Displays BGP informations about a specific peer-group
show ip bgp network mask show route protocol bgp prefix BGP informations about a specific prefix
show ip bgp network mask longer-prefixes show route range prefix BGP informations about a specific prefix as well as longer prefixes
show ip bgp regexp regex show route aspath-regexp “regex” Shows routes matching AS path filter regex
show ip bgp summary show bgp summary Shows all BGP IPv4 neighbors
show ip interface brief show interface terse Displays IPv4 addresses per interface (in JunOS: IPv6 and ISO as well)
show ip ospf database show ospf database Shows the OSPF database
show ip ospf neighbor show ospf neighbor Displays all OSPF neighbors
show ip ospf interface show ospf interface Shows OSPF informations for the interface (e.g. state, dead time,…)
show ip route show route Displays the global routing table
show ip route isis show isis routes / show route protocol isis Display only IS-IS originated routes
show ip route ospf show ospf route / show route protocol ospf Display only OSPF originated routes
show ipv6 neighbors show ipv6 neighbors Display discovered IPv6 neighbors
show ipv6 route show route table inet6.0 Display IPv6 routing table
sh bgp ipv6 summary / show bgp ipv6 unicast show bgp summary Displays IPv6 BGP neighbors
show tcp brief show system connection Shows established TCP connections from/to router (BGP, SSH, Telnet,…)
show ip traffic show system statistic Shows infos about IP related traffic (BGP, EIGRP, PIM, ARP, ICMP)
show isis topology show isis spf brief Shows the resulting IS-IS topology table after spf calculation
show logging show log messages Shows infos about loghost (IOS only) and local buffered log file content
show processes cpu show system process Displays CPU utilization
show route-map show policy Shows all configured route-maps (JunOS also shows Prefix-Lists,…)
show route-map mapname show policy name mapname Shows content of route-map mapname
show running-config show configuration Displays the actual running-configuration
show users show system users Shows logged in users
show tech-support request support info Displays a lot of information. Often needed for TAC request.
show version show version Information about running software release (IOS also shows hardware infos)
terminal length 0 set cli screen-length 0 Continous output to terminal without more-breaks
terminal monitor monitor start messages Start logging to terminal (when connected remotely)
terminal no monitor monitor stop Stop logging to terminal (when connected remotely)
write erase / erase startup-config load factory-default Resets to factory defaults. IOS requires reload, JunOS needs a “commit”