BGP Cease Subcode definition

When you deal with Cisco and BGP, you probably know syslog messages like this:

Apr 11 16:34:38 ROUTER 1026843: Apr 11 16:34:38.010 CET: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: received from neighbor 80.x.x.x 6/2 (cease) 0 bytes
Apr 17 14:13:41 ROUTER 30082: Apr 17 14:13:41.126 CET: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: received from neighbor 80.x.x.x 6/0 (cease) 0 bytes
Apr 27 05:30:39 ROUTER 1028828: Apr 27 05:30:39.833 [...]

JunOS - Recover BGP password

When you need to recover missing BGP MD5 password on Juniper routers, you have the possibility to extract it from a specific file.
First, you have to start a shell:

alex@M10> start shell
% su -

After changing to the root user, you have the necessary permissions to view the file /var/etc/keyadmin.conf

root@M10% cd /var/etc/
root@M10% more keyadmin.conf
tcp 179 <IP [...]