Configuring Resilient Ethernet Protocol

Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) is a Cisco propietary protocol which allows you to build redundant Ethernet rings. It’s an alternative to Spanning-Tree protocol and also avoids bridging loops or responds to link failures.
Compared to STP, it offers a faster convergence time (< 300ms) and gives you a simple VLAN load-balancing method.
In our example, we interconnect [...]

Bridging Ethernet over an IP network using DLSw+

While surfing through the internet, i found a nice feature called DLSw+. I must admit, that i never heard about it before, although it’s a really old feature.
DLSw (Data Link Switching) originally was developed to transport IBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA) and IBM NetBIOS over routed IP networks. But you can also use it for [...]

Bridging across GRE tunnels (experimental)

In former posts, i already mentioned the flexibility of GRE tunnels.
A few days ago, i tried to assign a Tunnel interfaces to a bridge-group to get Layer-2 conectivity between 2 sites.
Unexpectedly, it works, although bridge-group commands aren’t supported on Tunnel interfaces.
Here`s a small image, to illustrate the setup

The setup in this example is using  c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T6.bin [...]