Route filtering methods in EIGRP

When you use EIGRP as routing protocol, you have two options for filtering advertised routes:

redistribute-statement with route-map

Received networks can only be filtered out with


In my simple example, there are 2 routers (R1 and R2) connected via FastEthernet0/1.
Both routers are running EIGRP process 123.

Creating EIGRP process 123 on both routers
With the default configuration, only the link-net [...]

Using EIGRP with IPSEC encrypted GRE tunnels

In one of my last posts, GRE tunneling with IPSec encryption, i explained the setup of a simple ipsec-protected GRE connection.
When your network is a little bit larger than my test scenario, you would prefer to use an dynamic routing protocol between your routers (hilde and maria in my case).
Nothing easier than that….
Here’s an example using [...]