Well-known multicast addresses

A lot of dynamic routing protocols uses ip multicast for neighbor discovery, hellos and other things.
Here are some well known multicast adresses: all hosts on a subnet all routers on a subnet Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocols (DVMRP) OSPF routers OSPF designated routers RIP Version 2 routers EIGRP routers Protocol independent Multicast (PIM) routers

Changing default IGMP version in Windows XP

Not so long ago, i hat to deal with IGMP, IP Multicast and Video on demand.
For test purposes it was necessary to change Windows XP’s default behaviour regarding the IGMP version used (WinXP uses IGMPv3 by default, i needed IGMPv2).
Perform the following registry change…

Add the DWORD IGMPVersion with a hex-Value of 3 (for IGMPv2) or [...]